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Turntable bearings

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1.Linear motion rolling bearing characteristics: (1)The linear motion rolling bearing using GCr15 bearing steel, hardened high-precision bearing substrate and the rolling body composition. Installed on the surface of the rail of machine tool and other machinery for reciprocating linear motion, applicable to the grinding machine, precision instruments, and also applies to CNC machine tools and heavy machine tools. (2)The bearing has the capacity to carry large, small friction, wear small, good rigidity, long life, long-term to maintain the advantages of high accuracy. Repeated action, start, stop, reduce the machine weight and transmission, as well as power consumption, higher frequency of reciprocating motion. (3)The orientation of the bearing rolling element rolling, which can improve the accuracy and positioning accuracy of mechanical movement. (4)The bearing during the low-speed reciprocating motion or fine-tuning control performance, lightweight mobile, no crawling. (5)Not subject to the limitations of the machine bed, using the bearing can be selected in accordance with the provisions of the samples of different series and different model specifications bearing load value and determine the number of use of rolling bearings. (6)The supporting machine tool positioning reference accuracy, easy adjustment of equipment assembly, lubrication easy and simple maintenance, use more secure.

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2.Circulating needle guide supporting (LNS0000RN type)


Bearing Dimensions(mm) Dynamic load(kN)
  B L B1 A T L1 h J J1 N  
LNS 1540RN 15 40 30 11 15 20 7 23 12 3.3 10.8
LNS 2050RN 20 50 36 12 16 30 8 29 18 3.8 19.1
LNS 2560RN 25 60 45 14 19 35 9 36 20 4.8 28.3
LNS 3270RN 32 70 55 15 20 45 10 44 27 5.5 45
LNS 4087RN 40 87 68 21 28 55 14 54 35 6.5 69.5
LNS 50125RN 50 125 82 30 40 78 20 66 50 8.5 120

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