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Valve Positioner

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HIC series smart valve positioner contains several kinds of specifications such as HIC11, HIC12, HIC08.It uses two-wire system transmission (The power source 4~20mA simulating signal simultaneously transmits on two lines ). The psitioner and the actuator constitute a close loop control circuit. In this control circuit, the valve position feedback single as an variable which compared with rated signal in microprocessor and the D-value between them sends out different length of pulse through the delivery outlet of the main control panel to control the output pressure of the I/P change unit, thereby the positioner drive the control valve to act. (Refer to Fig.1) The pneumatic control valve with HIC smart valve positioner can overcome the friction force and unbalanced force of the valve plug well and enhance reaction speed of the control valve to rapid and precision localization, especially for vibration frequent places. It can replace conventional explosion-proof current-to-pneumatic valve positioner. The purchaser can monitor the valve position information through the feedback current and regulate or set the controlling parameter of the positioner with axial magnet or upper monitor at any moment. The purchasers only need to reset the relative parameter of the valve positioner and avoid changing the control valve because of the control system variation, so it is widely used in automatic control system such as petroleum, chemical industrial, electric power, metallurgy and light industrial, etc.

Detailed products discription

● Input signal:4~20mA analog signals 
● Input loading voltage:7V、9V(With communication)
● Air supply pressure:0.16MPa~0.6MPa
● intrinsic error:±1.0%
● Hysteresis:1.0%
● Dead band:0.1%(Min.)
● Function:Self-diagnostics, configuration, travel characteristic correction, HART communication and so on
● Air consumption:≤4.0Nl/min
● Stroke:10~100mm(Turn angle 60°~90°)
● Conditions of working atmosphere:
                    a.Ambient temperature:-40~+80°C,Explosion –proof type:-40~+60°C
                    b.Ambient humidity:5%~95%;  
                    c.Ambient atmosphere:86~106kPa;
                   d.There is no corrosive gas in ambient air.
● Power supply:24V.DC
● Explosive-proof sign:Ex dIICT6、Ex iaIICT6
● Explosive-proof grade:Factory Explosive-proof 
● Enclosure classification:IP65

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