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Pneumatic Actuator

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HIC B Series pneumatic actuators incorporate latest mechanical technology, materials available and our patented technology, through designing, developing, testing and engineering application, we have obtained a high grade product with the characteristics of reliability, high performance, long cycle life, large adjustment, and highest levels of corrosion protection, wide selection of model with easy and economy.

Detailed products discription


1. Indicator

Position indicator with NAMUR is convenient for mounting accessories such as limit switch box, positioner and so on.

2. Pinion

The pinion is high-precision and integrative, made from nickel alloy steel, full conform to the latest standards of ISO5211, DIN3337, NAMUR. The dimensions can be customized and the stainless steel is available.

3. Actuator body

According to the different requirements, the extruded aluminum alloy ASTM6005 body can be treated with hard anodized, powder polyester painted (different colors is available such as blue, orange, yellow etc.) or PTFE or nickel plated.

4. End caps

Die-casting aluminum powder polyester painted in different colors, PTFE or nickel plated.

5. Pistons

The twin rack pistons are made from die-casting aluminum treated with hard anodized or made from cast steel with galvanization .Symmetric mounting position, long cycle life and fast operation, reversing rotation by simply inverting the pistons.

6. Travel adjustment

External stroke adjustment screw can adjust ±4°at the position of 90°.

7. High performance springs

Preloaded coating springs are made from the high quality material for resistant to corrosion and longer cycle life, which can be demounted safely and conveniently to satisfy different requirements of torque by changing quantity of springs.

8. Bearings & guides

Made from low friction, long-life compound material, avoid the direct contact between metals. The maintenance and replacement are easy and convenient.

9. O-rings

NBR rubber o-rings provide trouble-free operation at standard temperature ranges. For high and low temperature, viton or silicone is used.


● Extruded aluminum ASTM6005 body with both internal and external corrosion protection having honed cylinder surface for longer life and low coefficient of friction.

●Dual piston rack and pinion design for compact construction, symmetric mounting position, high-cycle life and fast operation, reverse rotation can be accomplished in the field by simply inverting the pistons.

●Multiple bearings and guides on racks and pistons, low friction, high cycle life and prevent shaft blowout.

●Modular preloaded spring cartridge design, with coated spring for simple versatile range, greater safely and corrosion resistance, longer cycle life.

●Die-casting teeth on piston and pinion for accurate low backlash make rack and pinion engagement with maximum efficiency, having long term corrosion resistance with stainless steel fasteners.

●Full conformance to the latest specifications:ISO5211, DIN3337 and NAMUR or product interchangeability and easy mounting of solenoids, limit switches and other accessories.

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