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Valve Positioner-HIC12

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HIC12 is a explosion-proof intelligent valve positioner. It adopts two-lines transmitting(power supply、4~20mA analog signals、double digital communication signals deliver on the two lines.).The work principle is different from the traditional electricity—gas valve positioner.HIC12 explosion-proof intelligent valve positioner and pneumatic actuator make up of a feedback controlling loop, where the position feedback signal of control valve is regarded as controlled variable compared with the fixed signal value in the microprocessor. The warp of these two signals emits the pulse of different length by the output of the main control board that controls I/P conversion unit pressure output, and drives the control valve to act.

Detailed products discription

 Technical parameter

● Input signal:4~20mA or 0~20 mA (Four lines systems)analog signals and digital signals
● Input load voltage:12V 
● Gas source pressure:0.20MPa~0.55MPa
● Intrinsic error:±0.5%,±1.0%(standard)
● Eve/repetability:≤0.5%,≤1.0%(standard)
● Hysteresis:≤0.1%(minimum)
● Function:Diagnose alone、Configuration、
Travel characteristic correction 、Communication .etc
● Air consumption:≤0.6Nl/min
● Stroke:10~100mm(corner60~90°)
● Operating ambient condition:
 Ambient temperature:-30~+80°C;
 Ambient humidity:5%~95%;  
 Ambient atmosphere pressure:86~106kPa;
 There should not be corrosive gas in ambient air.
● Power supply:24V.DC
● Explosion-proof Sign:Ex dIICT6
 Others:-30~+80°C(T4) 、-30~+60°C(T5) 、-30~+50°C(T6) 
● Explosion-proof Level:Use the explosion-proof type in the factory
● Defending Level:IP65
● Display:LCD (Note:When the temperature is lower than-20℃,the display is illegibility)
● Through the authentication of the essential safety、defending level,certificate number:32008815
● Electric connection:M20X1.5-7H(standard)、1/2NPT、G1/2 or the request of user
● Air connection:Rc1/4(standard)、1/4NPT、G1/4 or the request of user
● Shell material:Aluminium alloyZL102
● Weight:3kg

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